VTV Group – a young, ambitious and responsible team whose main goal in the satisfaction of its clients. In our team you will find both young and ambitious, and older, more experienced employees. By combining youth and experience, we make the best decisions and find different solutions very fast. We can brag not only about our collective, but also about our truck park – we use only the newest and the safest SCANIA trucks, which ensure fast and safe transportation.

Our company business strategy unites all accumulated experience with modern methods of organization and management and the most progressive communicational technologies. fundamental principles of the holding activities are accuracy in cargo handling, minimization of transport costs and flexible approach to the clients’ requirements.


There is nothing impossible for us…


Individually approach offering, long term cooperation and competitive cost

Integrated package approach

Operativeness, accessibility, open information system, customers interest protection, flexibility, reasonable prices Long term competence with customer loyalty


Logistics solutions establishment on the ground of specification and customer wishes

Minimize of risks involving to goods delivery

Additional services for better result


Delivery of full ship loads, part cargo. FCL LCL and PLL worldwide using multimodal transportation units Tailor made bonded warehouse for customer needs

Bonded warehouse and broker services

Goods storage (storing), container depot

Delivery with freightliner and trucks in Europe and CIS including overweight and over dimension cargo Cooperation with customs formalities clearance in CIS and EU

Customs clearance, customs transit documentation and customs broker services

Big open area for storage of containers, trailers, cars. etc.

Warehouse for different goods storage (foods, beverage electronics, consumer products, etc.)


Different warehouses services for customer’s goods disposal: storage palletizing etc.

Management of the products at the warehouses: sorting, stocktaking, stockpiling etc.

Product control: IMEI and Serial Number code scanning, bar code scanning, sticker pick-slip printing etc.

Custom formalities clearance and documents registration of customer cargoes

Transportation of the cargoes from/to the warehouses

Container pick-up from Riga Container Terminal

Product Report: strict incoming/out coming products, returns documentation


Great work experience

Highly educated personnel

Principal possibility to continue work at the time that is suitable for the client Responsible approach

Strategic development approach

Up-to-dote equipment

Whole chain of logistics is physically situated on the spot

Reasonable prices

Cargo safety and security